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How many people can the barn accommodate?
The barn is the ideal location for gatherings of up to 200 people.  
What are the requirements to host an event at the barn?

To secure your booking, a contract and deposit must be provided. All vendors must possess liability insurance. An event liability insurance policy and a coordinator or planner for those extra details are required as well. 

Why do I need event insurance?

Event insurance helps protect you from liability in case someone is injured or damages the venue’s property. You can get liability insurance for less than $150 through EventHelper.com.

Are there any limitations or rules regarding the venue?

It is required that all events end by 10 pm. Any music played must end by this time as well. Please refrain from using loose glitter, rice, seeds, confetti, artificial flower petals, fireworks, or open flames as decor items, as they are prohibited. Additionally, please avoid using nails or screws to secure any decorations. However, feel free to incorporate sparklers, cold sparklers, biodegradable confetti, and bubbles into your event. 

Are there any other costs related to the venue?
Our pricing for renting the barn is a flat rate, and we do not tack on any extra charges for service, food and beverages, catering facility fees, or commissions. We do offer optional add-on services, but they are not mandatory.
What is included in the rental of the venue?

Our venue rental includes a charming sweetheart table and classic mahogany farmhouse tables, along with matching benches. If you’re having an outdoor ceremony, we also have matching benches that perfectly complement the trellis on the barn lawn. If you need extra tables for guest books, seating charts, gifts, cake, or desserts, just let us know. You’ll also have access to the bridal suite and lounge.

Is there a specific area allotted for parking?

At the property’s rear, there is a vast parking lot that can accommodate up to 120 vehicles. Additionally, there is a specific area designated for larger vehicles.

Do you have a preferred vendor list?

We have a list of vendors who know our venue well. You can choose any vendor you want, but if they’re not on our list, they need to sign our vendor agreement and provide us with copies of their liability insurance. Our venue should be listed as additionally insured on their insurance policy.

Do you have a contingency plan in case of rain?

Certainly. In the event of rain, the outdoor portion of your event can be relocated to the barn. Please note that we do not have personnel available to move furniture on the day of the event, so the arrangement of the room will remain as is in the event of rain.

Can I expect to have staff present on the day of my event?

While we do provide one staff member on-site for the duration of your event, please note that they are not a coordinator or planner for those small details like timelines and décor. Their role is to provide a helping hand, drive you around the property on our golf cart for pictures, and offer any guidance as needed.  

We offer a Coordinator Add-On to your event package. This will ensure that everything runs smoothly and according to plan, allowing you to relax and enjoy your special day.

How is liquor service handled?

There are a few options:

  1. Your caterer can bring in the alcohol and bartender if they have a liquor license.
  2. You may hire a licensed service to provide the alcohol and bartenders.
  3. You may bring in the liquor and hire a private licensed and insured bartender.

Please reach us at 813-448-7996 for all other questions!


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